U8 Reflect is an organization where it supports the individuals to extract their inner abilities through process or methods and help them to identify their limitations. Then we help them to transform themselves to be better individuals by converting these limitations to strengths.

We are aiming in 5 years to reach out 10000 individuals to help them get transformed to better personalities in all aspects of life.

We are launching our workshop on September 2023 titled: “Knowing yourself – 8 aspects of Lifecycle” .

Vision of U8 Reflect:

As people grow older, they tend to live a content and harmonious life. However, as time goes on, the focus on life has shifted towards materialistic pursuits, resulting in a chaotic lifestyle and an imbalance in all areas of life. This is where U8 Reflect comes in. U8 Reflect aims to bring alignment to the body, mind, and soul of individuals who are experiencing this imbalance. By doing so, U8 Reflect contributes to creating a more peaceful individuals of a society.